The Book

First of all, I would like to make clear that this book is not only focused on fatherless sons but also fatherless daughters, who are raised by a single mother/father. I do appreciate single mothers and fathers who have decided to raise and parent their children on their own. In this book, single parents are encouraged in the process of raising their children. Furthermore, there are also single fathers who are raising their children on their own, but most of the heads of single-parent households are women. I did not forget fathers at all.

This book is written from the point-of-view of a fatherless son who chooses not to be a statistic. I have chosen to be a man who is focused on a happy and great future.

In this book, I encourage single parents and their children to make the best of this journey, even though it might not be easy. Most of the single-parent households do go through difficulties. I have experienced this life and know what we went through! Furthermore, I bring a new perspective on single-parent households. I will also give you and your children some guidelines for dealing with the heart-consuming “father wound.”

I will give you some clues to raise children who are strong and successful for themselves and their community. Fatherlessness is an epidemic; more and more children are raised without their father. Others experience fatherlessness, even though they were raised by both parents. Sons and daughters need a father in their lives.

I hope this book is an inspiration for you and your children to stand firm and carry on during hard times.

Available in English and Spanish

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