About Me

My name is Jovani A.M. Miguel, and I am the author of the book “Raising Fatherless Sons.” I was born and raised in a single-parent household by my mother, a wonderful woman, in Curaçao, a beautiful island in the Caribbean at the North Coast of Venezuela, South America. We have experienced ups and downs during our journey, but I poured motivations and inspirations from the hardship. I have decided to make the best of my life without letting the absence of my father hold me back. In my daily life, I work on my dreams and future and study medicine. There is a great future in front of all of us, whether you are fatherless or not. We just have to seize it!  I have written this book to encourage parents and their children; I am bringing this topic from a son’s point-of-view. I am fatherless and admit that shamelessly and publicly without holding anything back. I am happy to share this motivational and inspirational book with you! Also, households with a father/mother who is physically present in the house but emotionally absent and people who are going through hardship can pour strength from it!